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Procedure of approval of invitation

Documents for the approval of an invitation shall be submitted by:

  • a Latvian citizen or a Latvian non-citizen who has reached legal age;
  • a foreigner who has reached legal age and who has a valid permanent residence permit in the Republic of Latvia;
  • a State or local government institution of the Republic of Latvia; and
  • a legal person of the Republic of Latvia or of a foreign state registered in accordance with the procedures specified in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.

The legal person to be able to invite the foreign national to engage in an employment agreement in Latvia, MUST be with the second year of activity and it shall not have tax payment debts administered by the State Revenue Service.

A representative of the legal person in drawing up an invitation shall:

  • present a personal identification document and a properly completed authorization
  • submit a submission which includes the registration number of the legal person
  • includes the information regarding the alien, the expected time, place and purpose of residence thereof in the Republic of Latvia and proof that the inviter assumes responsibility for departure of the alien from the State at a specified time, as well as, if necessary, ensures the covering of expenses related to health care, residence in the Republic of Latvia and return to the country of domicile; and
  • submit a payment document, which attests to the payment of State fee;
  • If the legal person has a tax payment debt, a request of invitation may be submitted if the legal person has received the consent of the State Revenue Service;
  • The inviter shall specify the following information:
    • - telephone number and other information, which ensures communication possibilities (for example, e-mail address)
    • -regarding the alien - given name (names), surname in Roman alphabet transliteration, as it is indicated in the travel document of the alien;  nationality;  date of birth; place of birth; address of his or her place of residence.
  • One invitation application may include several members of one family if they have a common purpose for residence in the Republic of Latvia

Upon receipt of temporary residence permit, a foreign national shall present:

  • a valid health insurance policy for a year,
  • a health certificate issued by a Latvian health care institution stating that the foreign national does not suffer from tuberculosis in active phase.