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Tax rates in Latvia


Tax rate

Taxable basis

Taxation period

Corporate income tax 15% of the taxable income For non-residents 2% - 15% Taxable income of a taxpayer is the profit from economic activities deducting the economic activities-related expenditure.


12 months, which may not correspond to the calendar year.


Personal income tax 23% (also from income from operating activities);
10% on income from capital, which is not a capital growth;
15% on capital growth.


1) employment income,
2) income from economic activities,
3) other income in accordance with Article 3 of the law ‘On Personal Income Tax’.
One calendar month (provided there are employment relations) or one calendar year (in other cases).
Mandatory social insurance payments

The rate of mandatory contributions:
34.09% if an employee is insured against all types of social insurance of which: 23.59% are paid by an employer;
10.50% — by an employee.
30.13% mandatory contributions rate for persons eligible for the age-related pension, of which:
20.68% are paid by an employer and 9.45% — by an employee. Other rates in accordance by the law ‘On State Social Insurance’.


Income gained by an employee, from which one deducts personal income tax and income of a self-employed person.


One calendar month.


Value added tax


Exempt from VAT


Supply of goods and services


One calendar month/ OR
One calendar quarter:
One half of the calendar year.
Micro company tax From 1 January 2015 the following Microenterprise Tax rates will be applied for micro-enterprises with a turnover of more than EUR 7000 : - turnover of up to €7,000  - 9%; - turnover from        €7,001 up to €100 000 - 11%.  if the micro company complies with the criteria set for itIf the micro company fails to observe the criteria set for it, it shall pay micro company tax according to the highest rate:
1) two per cent points are added to 9% rate for each additional employee additionally employed if the micro company’s number of employees in a quarter exceeds 5 employees;
2) 20% rate is applied to that exceeding part of turnover if the micro company’s turnover per year exceeds  €100 000;
3) the part of income, which exceeds 500 lats, is additionally subject to 20% rate if the micro company’s employee’s income exceeds €720.
Micro company’s taxation period’s turnover Calendar year (micro company tax is paid four times a year per each quarter’s turnover).